Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Rafting Trip Added For 2014 in Grand Canyon

For those of you who have been waiting - I have just added another departure on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon for 2014! This is considered the ultimate scenic trip in the American Southwest. The trip will cover 187 miles through Grand Canyon National Park in seven days.

The dates are May 17 to 23 and will take advantage of the warm days and cool nights at this time of year. There will be many springtime wildflowers and clear starry nights.

We do numerous side hikes to see features off of the river. Most of these hikes are less than 2 miles round trip but we can also do longer hikes if the group is ammeniable.

Camping along the river in Grand Canyon is easy and fun on large sandy beaches.

Wildlife along the river is plentiful and easy to see. This is a photographers delight.

And of course, the emphasis will be on learning about the geology of the Grand Canyon, which takes center stage on a river trip that traverses the canyon. Above: The Butte Fault.

Details: The group will meet in Flagstaff (May 15) and all of the following is included: overnight at Little America Hotel, van transportation and interpretive drive to Lees Ferry with another night's hotel accommodations near Lees Ferry (May 16), 7-days on the river (May 17 to 23), helicopter flight and fixed-wing aircraft return over the canyon back to Flagstaff (no long drives), with a final nights accommodation at Little America (and depart Flagstaff on May 24). Three nights hotel, food, helicopter, and aircraft flight over the canyon, and seven days on the river for $3185.

Contact Colorado River and Trail Expeditions (CRATE) for reservations. Tell them you are booking with Wayne Ranney in May.

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