Monday, March 18, 2013

Lake Powell Houseboating Trip - Part 2

Continuing with the houseboating trip, we next explored the arm of the Escalante River where the reflections were stupendous.

Note the "bathtub ring" which is a deceiving 100 feet high

Glass-like mirror

A hint of wind

Wake pattern

With color

Inside Cathedral in the Desert

Herring-bone pattern in cross-bedded sandstone

A tad bit sensuous



The alcove in Fifty-Mile Wash

The natural footprint

The human footprint

Eerie light

More sensuosity

 And the sublime

Helen ready to hike in camp

Art preparing dinner

Fabulous Rainbow Bridge. See my previous posting during the 100th anniversary of this National Monument here.

I tried to capture some new angles of the bridge

Looking downstream

With Juniper tree



Framed. We did not see one boat nor one person outside our group for three and half days. It was wonderful to be so removed.

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  1. Been going to Lake Powell a long time but I'll look at it differently after seeing these pics! Love them.


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