Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Age of the Grand Canyon Still in the News

 I have been on the air recently of NPR affiliate KNAU here in Flagstaff, to provide some context to the controversy regarding the age of the Grand Canyon. The first in-studio interview was with reporter Gillian Ferris-Kohl and you can listen to it here.

Today a piece aired from the Fronteras desk and reporter Laurel Morales. We walked along Grand Canyon's Trail of Time last week and discussed the recent controversy. You can listen to the report here.  


  1. Thanks again Wayne

    I'm still in the dark about Grand Canyon's actual age and mechanisms for creation. The age of various materials are not a problem for me, but it's the date at which the major start of Canyon formation took place. I really believe it could have been started by some deep earth volcanism and Tectonic plate uplift which pushed the ancient sea up where we have the Colorado Plateau. Though I have many opinions, for me nothing is etched in any type of stone. Just interesting that's all. Thanks for your continued research and explanations on this. Both you and Jack make geology interesting.

  2. BTW, I love that piece of stone artwork. Something about it makes me think of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture. In fact I believe much of his work was inspired by many of Arizona and surrounding plateaus geologic formations.


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