Monday, September 03, 2012

"Carving Grand Canyon" 2nd Edition Is Here!

The fully updated and revised 2nd edition of "Carving Grand Canyon" is now available for sale. If you would like to order a personally signed copy of the latest theories on how the Grand Canyon may have formed, please send $20 (postpaid) to me here in Flagstaff. My full address is located on my web site. Look under the "Contact Wayne" link. If a signed copy is not important to you, you can order a copy directly from the publisher (Grand Canyon Association) here.

"Carving Grand Canyon" was first published in 2005 and has sold over 27,000 copies in its seven year run.It is the winner of five distinct awards including Honorable Mention in the 2006 National Outdoor Book Awards (in the Nature and the Environment category). 1st Place went to David Attenborough that year. "CGC" was voted Best Science Book in Arizona by the Arizona Book Publishers Association in 2007.

Here are a few excerpts from the new edition.

The Title Page features a striking image of the canyon from Yaki Point looking west at sunset. The image was taken by photographer George H.H. Huey. "CGC" 2nd edition features over 90 photographs by many well-known southwestern photographers. I have 22 of my own photographs as well.

A sample Chapter Opening page. Like its predecessor, "CGC" has five main chapters entitled, The Enigma of Grand Canyon; The Physical Setting; How Rivers Carve Canyons (shown above); History of Geologic Ideas; and Landscape Evolution of the Grand Canyon Region. This edition features an all new Foreword written by Stephen J. Pyne; a Preface and Introduction; and an Epilogue that ties it all together. Also included is a glossary, index and a scientific bibliography to peruse original works of research.

Many new sidebars have been crafted to help illuminate subjects related to the formation of the Grand Canyon. A total of eleven sidebars grace the book. The graphics were drawn by Bronze Black who is fast becoming one of the most widely recognized and respected graphic artists in the Southwest. Here in this sample is his rendition for how segments of the Farallon plate may have been subducted beneath the edge of North America.

A sample page of the text accompanied by two photographs. If you live in Arizona or the surrounding area, please note that my lecture schedule will include the following:

October 3 - Pueblo Grand Museum, Phoenix, Arizona 7 PM; Sponsored by the AZ Humanities Council
November 11 - Prescott Public Library, Prescott, Arizona 2 PM; Grand Canyon Association
November 15 - Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona 7 PM; Grand Canyon Association
November 19 - Payson Public Library, Payson, Arizona 10:30 AM; AZ Humanities Council
December 5 - Prescott Public Library, Prescott, Arizona 2 PM; Prescott Geology Club
December 11 - The Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona 1:30 PM; AZ Humanities Council
December 12 - Carl Hayden Visitor Center, Page, Arizona 7 PM; Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
March 19, 2013 - Lake Havasu Museum, Lake Havasu, Arizona 7 PM; AZ Humanities Council
March 28, 2013 - Desert Caballero Museum, Wickenburg, Arizona 12 noon; AZ Humanities Council
March 30, 2013 - Tohono Chul Park, Tucson, Arizona 10:30 AM; AZ Humanities Council

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