Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Three Day Geology Class at Grand Canyon!

How often have you been out and about in the great Southwest and wished you could understand geology just a little bit better? The deep time thing is too monstrous to get your head around or the names of the many formations are confusing right? Well, now there is an opportunity for you to go to the next step with geology.

This coming August 3 to 5, I will be offering a three-day intensive course on how to better grasp geology. The topics covered will be the enormity of deep time, the rock record at Grand Canyon, and the various theories in which the canyon was formed. The class is called "Geology on the Edge" and will be offered through the Grand Canyon Field Institute. It will take place at Grand Canyon's South Rim.

Here are the details and I hope to see you at the canyon in August!  http://www.grandcanyonassociation.org/page/GCFI/PROD/NHIST/GOE

 A short hike down the Bright Angel Trail will take us to this outcrop of the Bright Angel Fault.

We will discuss and learn about all of the canyon's rock formations, including the enigmatic Grand Canyon Supergroup, shown here as the the tilted block of rocks above the right hand side of the river.

There are many theories on how the Colorado River carved the Grand Canyon and certainly boulders like these did much of the cutting. You will never again be a beginning geologist after this class!

There are only a few spots remaining for this years class. Come  join us and get over the "hump" with geology at the Grand Canyon and the Southwest.

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  1. As one of the participants of the "Geology on the Edge" 2013 program this past weekend - I feel compelled to share my experience which was fantastic.

    Wayne makes an excellent instructor - between his love for the subject, thorough knowledge of the science and a gift for teaching - it was the perfect place for me to tie together decades worths of interest and casual learning about plate tectonics and geologic processes.

    I was impressed with Wayne's ability to field the simplest questions with clarity and patience while tackling the complex and difficult questions in a non-technical language that made it easy for us lay-audience-types to grasp.

    Our small group was also very pleased when he encouraged us to an early start hiking three miles into the canyon for an hour of geologizing, then a nice slow hike back to the rim with about 20 minutes to spare before the clouds broke loose with a torrential rain storm that turned a nice day hike into a bone chilling ordeal for those still on the trails.

    If you love geology and want to understand it better, this program will satisfy. A five star performance all the way around.
    ~ ~ ~

    { PS. Wayne Ranney, thank you for a most excellent three day program ! }


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