Friday, April 27, 2012

Photo's From My "Exploring Escalante" Trip

I was leading a trip up in the Escalante Canyon region of Utah during the week of April 16. Many members of our group contributed photographs. Have a look at them and the captions will explain much of what we saw. Thanks to photographers John Grahame and Kate Killibrew.

The Cottonwood Canyon Road has been washed out since January so we took the Skutumpah Road instead and got a view of Bull Valley Gorge. This is a narrow slot canyon cut into the Navajo Sandstone.

Our first hike was to Calf Creek Falls. This little oasis is a gem in the red rock country. John's photograph here is on the approach.

And a clear view of the 100 foot fall

Vandalism on a rock art site above the Escalante River

But there was lots more that was untouched

This pictograph is called 100 Hands but requires a big climb to access it

Enjoying the view
On the trail
Photographing the rock art
Another great panel just above the Escalante River

John G. the trusty assistant

Wayne and Carolyn at dinner

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  1. You know, you'd think it would be easier on the vandals if they simply take up a hobby, cut some slate from like material and learn to mimic from photographs the actual artwork and thensell it.

    The other thing that irritates are the people who knowingly purchase such material. It would be obvious a site has been ruined just for them.

    That local bar at the end looks good right now. I can almost imagine the warm days outside and stepping in for a cool one.

    Thanks again. I have you bookmarked as following but have yet to comment.




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