Monday, August 15, 2011

Intense Rainbow After Storm in Flagstaff

On August 14 a strong monsoon storm dumped over an inch of rain on Flagstaff. The rain came down in torrents and as a slow drizzle over about 5 hours. After the rain, the setting sun illuminated one of the most intense rainbows Helen or I have ever seen.

Our garage is on the left as the rainbow arcs over the pine trees in our backyard.

The intensity of the colors was amazing. Note a second arc appearing on the far right.

Three bands of violet were evident on the bottom of the arc. The colors of a rainbow are described here.

Helen admiring the view.

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  1. Hey, there is a pot o' blog gold at the end of the rainbow. Congrats on grabbing the rainbow and preserving it for posterity on your blog, Wayne. That's AWESOME! What FUN and, as you've said yourself lately, "LOVELY!"


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