Friday, May 13, 2011

"Sedona Through TIme" Wins Another Award

On May 7 the Arizona Book Publishers Association (ABPA) presented an award for my book, "Sedona Through Time". The award was presented in the Science Book category for the entire state.

I want to first of all thank ABPA for their recognition that science is a worthy topic deserving of its own category for an award in book publishing! In a time when science illiteracy runs rampant in our society, this is welcome news. Second, thanks to the judges for selecting "Sedona Through Time". It is self published so there was a significant financial and emotional commitment to see the project through. Third, thanks to my designer, Bronze Black of Flagstaff, who made the book so attractive and scientifically interesting. And lastly (but not leastly), thank you to my wife Helen, who encouraged me to keep this book in print, even when I thought it should just quietly disappear.

The third edition has already sold 1,600 copies in just over a year and has been a great success to me and those who love to learn about the geology of this special place.

You can read about all of this years winners in all categories here at this link.


  1. Recently I visited the Phoenix area, and got your book so I could learn something about Arizona geology. I quickly realize this book was in the wrong area where I was going but I decided to read it anyway. I loved it. After reading it I am definitely planning on visiting the Sedona area.
    I'm glad to see you have gotten an award for it. You deserve it.

  2. Congratulations Wayne on yet another honor! Well deserved! I am re-reading the book and even though we won't visit Sedona this next time, its nice to have all those memories.

  3. Wonderful news, Wayne and well deserved. This book is a gem and I am re-reading it and thinking of our past visits with you to Sedona!


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