Friday, December 31, 2010

After the Storm

It was a good one! The last snow storm dropped 19 inches here at 255 E. Hutcheson Drive and now its really cold in Northern Arizona.  At noon today the sun is shining brightly and the temperature is 16 degrees! Here are some pictures of our house.

You may recall from a blog I posted here on January 23, 2010, of my pick-up truck buried in snow. We'll, just about 11 months later here it is again at the new house.

Our backyard is the south side and this will melt off first in the sunshine.

The view from our front yard looks toward the San Francisco Peaks.

The front of our house. Note the pile of snow from the road grader which is about 5 feet tall.

"Walking in a winter wonderland......"

Scenes like this really get me thinking of the summer days in Buenos Aires right now. It's probably close to 92 degrees and folks are sitting out on the grass drinking beverages in the sunshine. I really do not like snow.

Come on sun, melt it all away!

You might be able to see one tiny geranium flower in the window. It's nice and warm in our home.

The view out of our front window.

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  1. I'm with you in Buenos Aires. Or wish to be. Sitting in Apache Junction in the new RV waiting out the weather so we can tow it home to Yarnell, which got 8-10" capped by ice.

    Your place looks beautiful surrounded by the snow. I hear you're a good shoveler.


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