Tuesday, November 02, 2010

"Sedona Through Time" Wins National Award!

The Association of Earth Science Editors awarded my book, "Sedona Through Time" its Outstanding Publication for 2010! AESE is a bi-national organization of editors, journal managers, and others in the United States and Canada who are dedicated to excellence in the field of earth science publication materials. The award was given at the group's annual meeting, held this year in Victoria, British Columbia and was accepted on my behalf by local resident and long-time friend Karen Keeney. I am extremely gratified to have received this award in recognition of my efforts to bring relevant landscape histories to diversified and curious audiences.

"Sedona Through Time" was first published in 1993 and released in a new, fully updated 3rd edition in January, 2010. Many thanks to my wife Helen who prompted me to keep the book in print. I was tempted to let it "die" an honorable death until she convinced me that a new edition was a worthwhile endeavor. Also, Bronze Black Design of Flagstaff did a bang-up job in designing the book, which is full color and quite attractive. Bronze does great work and I am sure that the award was made easier by the books easy of navigation. Pam Frazier Enterprises of Sedona completed the copy edits for me. Since AESE is a group of editors, Pam's efforts were critical in claiming the award. My heartfelt thanks to all of these gracious and talented contributors!

The goals of the AESE are: To strengthen the profession of earth science editing; to foster education, and to promote the exchange of ideas of general and specific problems of selection, editing, and publication of research manuscripts, journals, serials, periodicals, and maps pertaining to the earth sciences.

I printed 3000 copies of "Sedona Through Time" and after only 10 months in circulation, I have sold almost half of those. Look for a gold medallion on the cover of the second printing, which is likely to appear towards the end of 2011.

The weather is fantastic in northern Arizona right now! Fall colors are everywhere and the rocks are still as red as ever in Sedona. This Sunday I will give a lecture entitled, "Sedona's Geologic Heritage" which will tell the story that is contained in my book. If you are in the area, come see me at Red Rock State Park. More information can be found here.


  1. Congrats on the award!

  2. Wayne, you deserve this award so very much. We know the effort you put into the original edition and we are so proud of you. We know you will receive many more awards in your literary career but this one is truly special and we are SO pleased! Congratulations!

  3. Must have been because you took out all the exclamation points! Seriously, the award is well deserved. I'm reading the book through for the second time (!)


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