Friday, July 24, 2009

20,000 Copies of "Carving Grand Canyon" and a Forthcoming 2nd Edition

On July 12, 2009, someone with an interest in the scientific origin of the Grand Canyon walked away from a Grand Canyon Association bookstore with the 20,000 copy of "Carving Grand Canyon". This is a phenomenal milestone for a book that deals with geology and has only a regional base. (Okay, Grand Canyon is an international destination but still, this is a regional book). I am heartened by the success of this little book, not so much because I was involved with its publication but because it means that so many people are interested, dare I say hungry, for a science-based treatment on the theories relating to the origin of the canyon.

To understand better the significance of 20,000 copies, consider this ironic tidbit associated with the books publication: when I first approached the Grand Canyon Association in the mid- to late-90's about such a book, it was turned down as being not a salable item. "No one is interested in that story", I was told. However, the geology symposium held in June, 2000 did a lot to spark interest in the ideas of canyon development. I pursued the idea again with GCA in 2004 and this time with different results. The rest as they say, is history

And to highlight the importance of this book, on July 6 of this year I signed a contract to produced an updated 2nd Edition of the book. Newer ideas generated since the 2000 symposium will be included in this new edition, due out in early 2010. "Carving Grand Canyon" continues to be an important book for visitors to the park and scientists with an interest in landscape development, incision history, and events at the grand Canyon. Thanks to everyone who has helped to support this book!


Gaelyn said...

Congrats to you Wayne!

It's such a great book for anyone to read. You interpret the geology so well. I see it selling on the NR with regularity. Look forward to the next edition.

Plus, the maps in "Ancient Landscapes" intrigues visitors. Yesterday a man asked me about more of these paleomaps for the rest of the world.

rozydesouza said...

Its very interesting to read... thanks for sharing....
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Roz said...

We are so happy to see this book become so successful. Hurrah for you, Wayne!
Roz & Jim