Thursday, January 15, 2009

London Arrival - Cape to Cape by Private Jet

Ah London in January!

Where the temperature swings tremendously from 35 in the day to 34 at night. A one degree temperature swing! I don't think that could happen in Arizon even in the Ice Age. But why ponder the Ice Age when it is alive and well in England. Nevertheless, the Dorchester Hotel is a warm place to get out of the London fog and that is where our group assembled on January 14.

A few pictures are included.
The cheapest rooms (like mine) are only £395 (about $580 per night at the current exchange rate - this same room would have been $800 six months ago). The Royal Penthouse here is £17,000 per night (about $25,000 today or $34,000 six months ago). The amounts boggle the mind. There is no water shortage ever in England so I took a long, hot bath after the trans-Atlantic flight.

I'll write more from our first stop on Madeira Island in the Atlantic Ocean!

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