Monday, June 30, 2008

I've Been Blogged!

I recently traveled on a GrandLuxe Rail journey giving lectures from Albuquerque to Grand Canyon. One of my fellow passengers, Ruth Mitchell, wrote about me on her blog, which you can find at: You can follow along with Ruth on the rest of her journey to Yellowstone. Here is what she shared about the Grand Canyon experience:


Day 3 Grand Rail Luxe Journey - Grand Canyon

It's been a wonderful day. We drove right up the edge of the Grand Canyon in the train, and took a tour with Wayne Ranney, a geologist who had been traveling with us and lecturing since we left Albuquerque. He is very knowledgeable, so it was a real treat to tour some of the highlights of the South Rim with him. We purchased his book, Carving Grand Canyon, and I look forward to reading it as he was such a delightful tour guide.


  1. Uncle Wayne!

    Thanks for the tip. We're in Quito tonight. We'll be in Lima during the beginning of next week; we're going to make a break for Huyanapicchu.

    We are always floored and inspired by you photos, words and expansive globe-trottyness of it all.


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