Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Climater Change Discussion

And here is my response to Joe:

Dear Joe:

Thank you for writing to me. I know how overworked many federal employees are these days.

You make some very good points. I am heartened that my words did not put you off. I think about these things a lot in the course of my lecturing and I enjoy the philosophical twists that they present to us as interpreters. The important thing is that as our society becomes increasingly disconnected to the planet we live on, that we remain active in our attempts to keep people tuned in. The National Parks I feel can be a catalyst for changes in our awareness but it requires new methods of connecting with people. As per my previous note on the topicl, an "us vs. them" discourse is a sure way to have half the population (or more) tune out to any message delivered in such a way.

One of your more interesting points was that you feared scientists have already moved on in their thinking to living with climate change, rather than taking steps on how to reverse it.. I think you are right as I survey my feelings. The points you made will help me to consider the other aspects of this argument. I think we both sense that the Park Service is in for rather rough ride as they attempt to wrestle their mandate to preserve in the face of possible overwhelming change. Still, I think challenges present opportunities too. As an interpreter, I wish you well in your endeavors to make the parks relevant to a wider segment of our population. Our society needs you more than ever!

Thank you again for responding thoughtfully to me.

Sincerely, Wayne

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