Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fez, Morocco

Here are some images of Fez, Morocco and its bustling medina. The medina in Arabic is simply “the neighborhood” and the medina of Fez is the most intact of all the medina’s in north Africa. The Fez medina contains over 9,000 streets of medieval age. These are nothing more than narrow alleyways, some only 4 feet wide, that bustle with all kinds of vendors and buyers. The medina is divided into certain sections - the vegetable market, the clothing area, scissors sharpening area, you name it. It was such an exciting walk to go through this 9th century city, all of it still enclosed by a wall 10 miles long. I’ll let some of the photo’s speak for themselves. Of course, they cannot recreate the sounds of the donkey hooves on the limestone streets, the smells of the falafel cooking, or the cll to prayer that wafts over it all five times a day. One other thing - Morocco was the very first country that officially recognized the independence of the United States and they are very proud of this fact. We have met such genuinely friendly people here, some who have said to me personally that they wish for exceedingly good relations between our two countries - and that the tone of our government will change soon.

The Medieval Wall Around Fez

A Fez Medina Scene

Narrow Alleyway in the Medina

Colorful Vegetable Stand

Working Colorful Fabric

Old Man Sitting in Doorway in the Medina

A Delicious Selection of Dates

Magic Carpets Taking a Rest in the Sun

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