Friday, February 25, 2011

"Birth of the Grand Canyon" Airs on Nat Geo TV

Way back in June, 2010 when the World Cup was in full swing in South Africa, myself and other geologists were participating in interviews on the rim of the Grand Canyon with a film crew from National Geographic TV. The production is titled "Birth of the Grand Canyon" and made its debut February 24 on the Nat Geo television channel. I haven't seen it yet but many viewers tell me it was well done and clearly presented. You can view a short trailer of the film here.

Rebecca Flowers

Carol Hill

Featured in the production are colleagues Ron Blakey (paleomap creator), Carol Hill (karst researcher), Rebecca Flowers (thermochronologic researcher), Karl Karlstrom (field geologist), and many others including myself. It is nice to see the science of geology and the Grand Canyon displayed so prominently on the tube. I hope you'll be able to catch the show. It will be running many times through out the years. Check the and search for Naked Science.

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  1. Hi Wayne ~ Carol and I watched this last night and really enjoyed it. I was nice to see Ron Blakey 'in person' after reading Ancient Landscapes. The karst model seems to be a new idea that is interesting. We saw examples of karst landscapes in New Zealand. As always, it is great to see you and hear your voice. The production was well done and great photography. See you next month.


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