Friday, August 07, 2009

Lecture at the Tellus Science Museum, Georgia

Helen and I are in Cartersville, Georgia tonight and I am giving a lecture about "Carving Grand Canyon". We spent the day exploring this wonderful museum, which opened the doors to its huge expansion earlier this year in January. The exhibits are stunning. Tomorrow night we will visit the sister museum, the Booth Western Art Museum where Curt Walters will give a talk about painting the Grand Canyon.

This state of the art facility opened its doors in January, 2009. It is a modern marvel in museum design.

Notice in the museum gift shop about tonight's lecture. We also saw a great show in the planetarium.

Then grand entrance hall to the exhibits with a cast of Apatosaurus (the former Brontosaurus) from Wyoming.

The Gallery of Fossils has many fine examples of Mesozoic dinosaurs.

Here are some Cretaceous marine animals - a 25 foot long turtle and another fish. Both swam in the Great Western Interior Seaway.

The Cenozoic Hall has a giant Wolly Mammoth and Smilodon (saber-tooth cat).

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